Anthropologie Inspired Giraffe Trinket Dish

Welcome to August’s round of Knock Out Knock Offs! This is the final round and I’m sad to see this fun summer series end, but we did save the best inspiration store for last, in my opinion… I mean, who can resist the chic, elegant, artsy whimsy of Anthropologie?

Anthropologie Inspired Giraffe Trinket Dish


A quick refresher on Knock Out Knock Offs if you’re just now joining us:

Knock Out Knock Offs 700

It’s a really fun summer series I’m participating in with a few blogging friends – Jennifer from Brave New Home, Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling, Tasha from Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body, Katie from Upcycled Treasures, and Ashley from Bigger Than The Three Of Us! Each month we create a DIY knockoff project inspired by an agreed-upon home décor store. May was West Elm. June was Zara Home. July was Urban Outfitters. And of course, August is Anthropologie!

I’m not going to lie: I initially set out to knock off this teal ombre fur pillow, but it was not a successful endeavor. The first two ombre layers worked out beautifully, but the third and darkest layer was, to put it quite honestly, a disaster. It was my first time trying my hand at dyeing, and it was killing me… #punny

Thankfully, I had saved this little white and gold giraffe trinket dish as backup project inspiration and it was a fun and easy little craft to pull together. If you already have most of the supplies on hand, this craft definitely comes in cheaper than the admittedly not-too-expensive Anthropologie version.


I already had a little oval shaped plate from the thrift store ($1), some leftover glossy white spray paint,* and gold leafing supplies on hand (gold leaf,* gold leaf adhesive*). So all I needed was the giraffe figurine* which I found for $6.99 at Hobby Lobby (but I used my 40% off coupon!).

*If you, like me, prefer to do your craft shopping from the comfort of your own couch, I’ve included some Amazon affiliate links to the products I used (or very similar ones) to make your life easier and help keep this blog running. Win-win!

Step 1

hot glue giraffe to plate

Step 2: Spray Paint

anthropologie giraffe trinket dish

anthropologie giraffe trinket dish2

Light, even coats. Preferably not on the hottest day of the summer in Texas: spray paint has issues in 104 degree heat.

Step 3

ready for gold leaf
gather gold leaf supplies

Note: if your paint is still tacky, you might have problems with the gold leaf sticking where you don’t want it to. Ideally, give your painted dish plenty of time to cure before moving on to the gold leaf step.

Gold leafing is fun! Paint your metal leaf adhesive around the rim of the plate, allow it to dry until it becomes extremely tacky, and then press little pieces of gold leaf onto the adhesive. You can use your fingers or another paint brush to brush excess gold leaf off the surface. Next, use a cotton swab to lightly dab polka dots of adhesive onto the giraffe’s body and repeat the gold leaf process.

The polka dots will not be perfect, but I think it adds to the charm. If you need to, you can touch up any stray edges with a little brush and some white paint.

And voila!

anthropologie knockoff giraffe trinket dish3

anthropologie knockoff giraffe trinket dish4

This is a fun addition to my night stand for jewelry drops before bed – tell me I’m not the only person who forgets I’m wearing earrings until I’m about to fall asleep! :)

anthropologie knockoff giraffe trinket dish6

Anthropologie Inspired Giraffe Trinket Dish

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this knock off series as much as I have! What was your favorite project or inspiration store?
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  1. says

    I love this one and I actually own the real Anthro giraffe dish! My sister got it for me last year and I think he's the cutest thing ever. Your inspired dish looks JUST like it, great job!

  2. says

    WHAT?! This is amazing, Brynne. You cannot even imagine my obsession with giraffes, so I love this project! I can't believe you make something so beautiful out of a traditional dish and plastic giraffe. My hats off to you! – Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body

  3. says

    I totally got this from Anthro for one of my girl friends and now it's so obvious that I should have just made it!! I love the way the gold leaf looks and much prefer it to the original. BEAUTIFULLY done <3

  4. says

    I ADORE giraffes! I think yours is just as pretty as the original and maybe prettier! (I have that plastic giraffe too.) I might've left it the original color since that's one of the things I love about giraffes, but that's just me. I wish I had a spot for a trinket tray, but my cats would kill it.

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