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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday 39

Hey you guys! Happy All Hallow’s Eve Eve!

Remember our special challenge last week? For you guys to share your awesome Halloween costumes that are thrifted or contain thrifted elements?

thrift score thursday halloween2

Well today, we are excited to feature the awesome costumes you shared - and hey – if you haven’t shared one yet, you can absolutely still join in the fun!

The Facts:

- You can share any thrifty finds with us – whether they hail from a thrift store, Craigslist, estate sale, garage sale, side of the road, or apartment dumpster! The fun, the funny, the awesome, the odd - this hashtag party is open to all!
- Feel free to use #thriftscorethursday any day of the week! We'll be keeping up with the hashtag all week long to find our favorites for the following Thursday.
- Each week, Trisha from Black and White Obsession and I will pick a favorite thrift score or two to feature! So please note that by linking up with #thriftscorethursday, you are giving us permission to share your finds via social media or on our blogs.

Our guest host this week is the lovely Corinna from For My Love Of once more, but she actually won’t be a guest host for much longer…

TST guest host Corinna

Because she’s joining us as our FOURTH awesome permanent #thriftscorethursday host next week!

I’m so excited to have her energetic, thrift-loving self on board with us and I know you’ll love seeing her thrifty finds and features each week!

Now, are you ready for our Halloween-tastic features?

The Features:

*Warning: you just might die of cuteness overload from this next photo…

Amber from Restless Arrow (Instagram: restlessarrow) shared her son’s $5 (!!!) DIY thrifted pirate costume!
thriftscorethursday restlessarrow pirate costume

Shannon from An Inspired Nest (Instagram: aninspirednest) shared the details on these two adorable Minecraft and Ninja Turtle costumes she whipped up using thrifted t-shirts and a few Dollar Store items!

thriftscorethursday aninspirednest minecraft costume
thriftscorethursday aninspirednest ninja turtle costume

Finally, Gretchen from Boxy Colonial (Instagram: boxycolonial) played a guessing game to see if anyone could guess which lesser-known character from the Legend of Zelda series her son is dressing up as for Halloween… Even my huge-Zelda-fan husband couldn’t guess at first, but check out the reveal - Gretchen and her son certainly did an awesome job on his costume! (He’s Rusl from Twilight Princess.)

Our Zelda-loving household gives this four thumbs (and eight cat paws) up!

thriftscorethursday boxcolonial rusl zelda costume

My Find:

Today, you are in for part 2 of “Things I Didn’t Buy At The Thrift Store” because apparently last time some of you were surprised that there was ever anything I didn’t take home and stuff into my increasingly hoarderesque home… Frankly, I think you a) overestimated my house’s square footage and storage capabilities and b) underestimated my self-control which I can, surprisingly, exert at times… even for brass animals occasionally*…

*although not recently


For starters, I didn’t pick up this fun piece of geometric art (I think it was actually sand art), although I am now regretting that fact. Should have bought it and painted the frame white!

thriftscorethursday sand art heart

This little vintage mushroom clock was a bit too kitschy for my taste, but pretty fun and adorable nonetheless. I hope it found a good home!

thriftscorethursday mushroom clock
There were several unopened packages of these adorable handmade paper heart notepads on the shelf…

Who even knows why they had been donated?!

thriftscorethursday elephant poop paper

Finally, in the name of #thriftscorethursday (and Halloween, and science…), I have to share this one last snapshot with you.

thriftscorethursday zebra costume

It was a fluffy fleecy zebra set – trench coat and pants. It was in the costume section of the store, but I’m going to go ahead and say wasn’t designed as an actual costume, because it had real clothing labels inside…

You guys, they were comfy. I kinda wish I had bought them.

Because you know what would have made this #thriftscorethursday post even better?

If I had written it while sitting here lounging in my COMFY ZEBRA PANTSUIT.

I rest my case.

So now it’s your turn! What did or didn’t you buy at the thrift store recently? Any one else have any thrifty Halloween costumes to share?

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Be sure to check out the finds features from my awesome cohosts Trisha, Cassie & Corinna!

Thrift Score Thursday Trisha color

Thrift Score Thursday Cassie

Thrift Score Thursday Corinna

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrift Score Thursday 38

Oh you guys – do we have a #thriftscorethursday treat for you today!

Not only do we have TWO fabulous guest hosts joining us today – Stephanie from Sandpaper & Glue and Corinna from For My Love Of – we are doing our first ever themed Thrift Score Thursday…

thrift score thursday halloween2

While you are absolutely free and encouraged to continue sharing any and all of your thrifty finds, THIS week, we want to encourage you to post your thrifted or thrift-store Halloween costumes!

- It can be a costume utilizing thrift store finds or a costume from the thrift store (no need to purchase – a mirror selfie is fine!) – the awesome, the kooky, the fancy, the crazy… We want to see them all!

- Next #thriftscorethursday is the day before Halloween and we will be featuring YOUR best thrifty costumes! (Please note that by using #thriftscorethursday you are giving us permission to feature your submissions on our blogs and social media.)

Are you ready to join the #thriftscorethursday costume party?! We can’t wait!

To get you in the mood, my cohosts and I decided to provide you with a little inspiration (and perhaps a smirk or two)…

You might remember my Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume (thrifted leather jacket) that was part of my April Fool’s Day blog takeover:

thriftscorethursday leather jacket3

But that was not my first foray to the thrift store to put together a costume. Oh no…

Buddy Holly & Mary Tyler Moore3

This fun vintage plaid dress just screamed “Mary Tyler Moore” to me, so naturally my husband did his best Buddy Holly impression… (Name that song!)

Oh Halloween 2011, you were fun!

Buddy Holly & Mary Tyler Moore4

Are you ready for it to get better [worse]?

This photo actually represents the fruits of my VERY FIRST THRIFT STORE TRIP EVER in 2010 (I’ll let that sink in for a second).

And then I’ll let this photo sink in a little bit.

So 80's4

Back then, I had long big hair. Also, a little bit of attitude.

And sparkly red shorts.

So 80's3

The Features:

Kayla from The Gilded Bear (Instagram: kainaible) is basically my thrifting soul-sister. I need to move where she lives (not creepy or stalkerish at all) and shop where she shops (totally not weird) and quite possibly find a way to Italian Job her recent thrift score Pace glass and brass coffee table out of her home (definitely a very normal friend-thing to do)…

thriftscorethursday kainaible pace coffee table

OR this gorgeous tufted Chesterfield she scored at the same thrift store.

thriftscorethursday kainaible chesterfield

I mean, she basically had the greatest Thrift Score Thursday of all time… Wear it proudly Kayla!

thrifting queen

“Obsessed” doesn’t even begin to describe the way I feel about these brass “Boss” bookends Sarah from 702 Park Project (Instagram: sarah_702parkproject) shared. In fact, I jumped onto her Etsy shop ready to throw money at them, but they had already found a new home!

thriftscorethursday sarah_702parkproject boss bookends

I passed on a pair of overpriced cuckoo clocks a few weeks ago, but Shannon (Instagram: aninspirednest) scored her adorable version for just $1! Aren’t the colors precious?

thriftscorethursday aninspirednest cuckoo clock

Okay. Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines… Get ready to share your fabulous (or cringeworthy) thrifted costumes so it could be YOUR awesome photos up there in the features section next week!

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Be sure to check out the Halloween costumes and features from my cohosts Trisha, Cassie, Corinna & Stephanie!

Thrift Score <br /><br />Thursday Trisha color

Thrift Score Thursday <br /><br />Cassie

TST guest host Corinna

TST Guest Host Stephanie

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY Copper Pipe Candelabra

Today’s project might look familiar because I originally shared the tutorial for this copper pipe candelabra on Remodelaholic earlier this summer. But if you missed it there in June, never fear because you can enjoy it here today!

You will need:

*may contain affiliate links: shop from your sofa and help support The Gathered Home – win-win!

Supplies for Copper Pipe Candelabra

(8) 1/2” copper elbows – these come in a bag of 10 for $3.50
(5) 3/4” x 1/2” copper couplings – $2.30 each = $11.50
(3) 1/2” copper pressure tees – $1.20 each = $3.60
(1) 10’ x 1/2” copper pipe – $10
JB Weld Kwik Weld
Pipe Cutter

Copper parts total: $28

Step 1: Cut your copper pipe pieces

Cut List for Copper Pipe Candelabra

You will need to use your pipe cutter to cut seven 6” pieces, two 5” pieces, and six 2.5” pieces. I like to mark my cut line with sharpie and then lay the cutter on a flat surface and rotate the pipe through.

cutting copper pipe

Step 2: Build the candelabra’s base

Gather your cut pieces (all pieces EXCEPT three of the 6” pieces and the two 5” pieces), your elbows and tees to form the base of the candelabra.

How to Build the Base Copper Candelabra

That picture shows a dry-fitting of the pieces – four 6” pieces, six 2.5” pieces, eight elbows, and three tees. Make sure everything looks good, and then mix up some of your two-part epoxy (JB Weld). Use a popsicle stick or the end of a plastic utensil to apply the epoxy to the fittings. The epoxy dries fairly quickly, so mix up small batches.

glue the pipe pieces together2

How to Build the Base Copper Candelabra2

Step 3: Build the arms of the candelabra

Use your epoxy to attach the coupling pieces to the top of the four 6” pieces and two 5” pieces you set aside earlier.

How to Build the Arms Copper Candelabra

Step 4: Attach the candelabra arms to the base

Again, use epoxy to attach the arms to the base of the candelabra. I used the three 6” arms on the back side, and the two 5” arms on the front (see picture). If necessary, use a box to prop the arm upright in a level position while the epoxy dries.

diy copper pipe candelabra6

All finished! I didn’t seal my copper pipe with any kind of a protective coating, because I love the patina the copper achieves over time. If you want to keep it shiny and new, you can polish it up with extra-fine steel wool and then seal with a clear coating!

P.S. My “table runner” is a roll of embossed paintable wallpaper – I decided that I needed a white background for my little photo shoot and I ended up I falling in love with the texture paired with the copper and the rest of my dining room elements!

This copper candelabra was such a fun addition to my dining room! I love the way it echoes the burl table’s tones, the mirrors above the mantel, and it plays so nicely with my new diy marbled credenza

thriftscorethursday bassett mayan mirror5

Copper is also perfect for fall, so if you’ve been wanting to add some copper to your d├ęcor, it would look lovely on your Thanksgiving table or mantel!

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