The Garage Makeover: Phase 1

garage makeover featured image

Subtitle: From “Death Trap” to “Delightful.” When we first moved into this house in the summer of 2013, we were so excited to have our first garage and to be able to park inside. Fast forward a few months, to moving boxes (unpacked and some still packed), yard equipment, and just all that random stuff that… [Read More]

Thrift Score Thursday 73

thrift score thursday embossed berry plate featured image

It’s already halfway through the summer (What?? How?!) and we’re kicking off another fine Thrift Score Thursday! Things have been absolutely bonkers over here the last few weeks, but in a good way – just a tidal wave of opportunities (can’t wait to share!) and new projects. My Find: The other day I was cleaning… [Read More]

DIY Copper Patina Clock

diy copper patina two-tone clock featured image

How about a little blast from the past today? The tutorial for this DIY two-tone copper clock originally appeared on Remodelaholic a few months ago, and I’m finally getting around to sharing it here on the blog as well! When I spotted the Geometria clock at Anthropologie, I immediately fell in love with its simple yet… [Read More]

A Vintage Boho Reading Nook: The Ceiling

Vintage Boho Reading Nook Scarf Ceiling featured image

Woohoo! I’m so excited about this post today – I’ve been dying to share the outcome of this project, but I had to wait until today because… Dun dun dunnnn…. It’s… Welcome to “Scarf Week,” the week-long scarf-a-palooza that takes place each year during the slightly-more-well-known but slightly-less-awesome “Shark Week.” Scarves > sharks. I’m sorry,… [Read More]